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Mornings are a special time for me.  Ever since I got married and we started a business, it seems to be the only moments of quiet when I can be leisurely and contemplative.  I definitely have a routine!

I have the exciting opportunity to partner with Clearasil and Refinery 29 to share with you how I #WinTheDay.

 Below are a few things that I value and pursue daily to keep myself on the top of my game.


But first, coffee.  Each morning I make coffee and spend my first hour reading, meditating and moving slow.  It can make or break my day if I don’t have have that time to sit and prepare for the day ahead.


Next, is getting ready! I have learned the discipline of taking care of my skin and it definitely makes a difference.  These new Clearasil Daily Clear products are a great option for keeping a fresh, clear face.


 I especially love the refreshing pads for those days when I’m just TOO tired to take off the make up : )


Health and fitness is also a very important part of my day.  If I’m not making good choices, my body feels it- and my self-esteem!  I am at my best when I’m trying my best!


Lastly, being with my family and friends is a total Win for the Day.  I don’t know where I’d be without the people that love and support me.  My husband, Tyler, was my first role model on what it looks like to TAKE AIM.  He dreamt about LOVE NAIL TREE and didn’t give up.  I owe this blog, my store, and my unconventional life to him.  Love you Tyler!

Clearasil is now offering a rebate to try the Superfruit line for FREE – Check it out HERE.

How do you Win the Day??




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Your mornings sound so relaxing! I work from home so I wake up about 5 minutes before I have to start work since my shift starts at 7am haha I wish I gave myself more time to actually wake up!

    xo Jennifer

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