10 Brunch Places That You Need To Visit

Confession: I am a major brunch fanatic. When I first thought about writing a post called 10 Brunch Places That You Need To Visit, I was pretty sure I should change it to at least 100 places, because narrowing it down sounded like a challenge. I’ve read time and time again that breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day, and it’s so crucial to make sure we have plenty of healthy food right away in the morning. It can be tempting to start off the day with a quick bagel or sugary cereal, but in my experience, eating well in the morning really does make a difference in my energy and focus throughout the day.

There’s not always time in the day for a full, sit down brunch, but whenever I get the chance, it’s something I enjoy to the max. I love going to brunch with friends to celebrate milestones or connect with a heart to heart. So, as difficult as it was, I have successfully chosen 10 of my favorite brunch places (pictured below in respective order) that you definitely need to visit next time you’re in the Los Angeles area.

For something quick and delicious –

1. Zinc Cafe

2. Sqirl LA

3. Blacktop Coffee

Zinc Cafe Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu Sqirl Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu blacktop-tiny-table-3

For the classic breakfast with a twist-

4. Au Fudge

5. Ace Hotel

6. Poppy & Rose

7. Cafe Stella

Au Fudge Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu
Ace Hotel Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu

Poppy And Rose Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu Cafe Stella Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu

For a healthy + photogenic meal –

8. Cafe Gratitude

9. Croft Alley

10. Rose Café

Cafe Gratitude Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu
Croft Alley Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu
Rose Cafe Brunch | www.TakeAim.nu