15 Closet Staples For Summer

1. Swimsuit – ok that was an obvious one. If you’re planning on doing any of the classic summer activities like beach or pool, make sure you have a swimsuit (or 2 or 3) that you love! I wrote about my favorite swimsuits recently here.

2. Heeled Sandals – Heeled Sandals are all you’ll wear on your dress up days in the summer! Close-toed shoes are rarely cool enough for the heat, so I always go with a heeled sandal. Check out the sandal section on my summer shoes guide.

3. Denim Skirt – I wear denim skirts all the time in the summer! If you get one that fits well and is a length that you like, I find them more comfortable than shorts and more breeze on your legs! I love this one and this one.

denim skirt

4. Off The Shoulder Top – Off The Shoulder’s keep you as cool as a tank top, but they’re a little bit more of a statement for any days you want to feel more dressed up. I wear them all the time.

Denim Skirt

Michelle Madsen, Closet Staples

5. Flat Sandals – These are for all the other days of summer. I usually like to have one pair that’s great for walking, and another pair I can easily slip on and off for the beach days.

6. Straw Hat – You could definitely get through a full summer without a straw hat, but I think they are so cute, so I always have one in my closet. They’re also pretty practical for keeping the sun out of your face and off your shoulders if it’s big enough. I wrote a full post on summer hats here.

7. Strapless Bra – With all the tank tops and off the shoulder looks, I end up wearing strapless bras all the time. It can be sooo hard to find a strapless bra that’s actually comfortable! Refinery 29 has a list of the best strapless bra options.

flat sandals

8. Romper – I truly think rompers must be the most comfortable summer item ever! The comfort of a dress, with the coverage/convenience of shorts. I don’t wear them as often as I should…Romper

9. Maxi Dress – Maxi dresses are great options for when you need to be a little more covered up but still want to stay cool. They can be very breezy depending on the material, and very classy if you layer with a denim jacket or add a hat!

Summer Dress

10. Sunglasses – You all know I love Garrett Leight for sunglasses. I’m also a fan of Rayban and Quay.

Sun Dress

11. Jeans – There’s no time of year when you won’t need jeans on occasion, if not daily. I actually still wear jeans all the time in the summer, especially if I’m going to be inside a lot.

12. Athletic Clothes – Summer is the season for hiking and outdoor activities! It’s always good to be ready with a good pair of walking/running shoes, and some workout leggings and tops.

13. Sunscreen – So necessary! I make the mistake often of only wearing sunscreen when I’m laying outside, but it’s actually really important to wear it on your skin all the time. You can also look for makeup that has sunscreen in it.

14. Sundress – You can never have too many sundresses for the hottest days of the year. I’m loving a lot of the cute patterns and cuts this year.

15. Big Bag – I usually end up carrying a big bag around in summer. Switching from my hot car to the air conditioning inside, etc. usually means I need a bag that can fit my just-in-case-sweater, and I like to carry a water bottle around too.

big bag

Closet Staples for Summer - Big Bag