3 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Water

I’m pretty minimal on the types of beverages I enjoy. I love all the variations of coffee, tea and, of course, water. I wasn’t raised drinking soda (thanks mom!) and have always been turned off by super sweet beverages.  As we all know, water is so important! We’re supposed to drink how many glasses a day?! Eight? Twelve?! Sometimes it’s hard to get that much in if you’re not conscious of making it happen. There are a few ways that I like to enhance my water and that I actually love and drink pretty much every day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night. Not only do they help me meet my water requirements for the day but they all have some added benefits:

1. Morning: Water + Lemon + Lemon Essential Oil

This cleanse is super simple, and really good for your immune system. Adding lemon or other citrus to your water is supposed to help your body absorb other vitamins you digest throughout the day, so a drink right away in the morning is a good kick start to the day. I like adding some oil for an extra boost, but even just addingsome fresh lemon juice can work.

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2. Afternoon: Water + Chlorophyll

My favorite part about the afternoon cleanse is the color. Such a pretty green! But really, I’ve found that chlorophyll helps curb my afternoon sweet tooth a lot. When I start to get tired mid-afternoon I can easily end up snacking more than I should or grabbing food that’s not the best. Adding some drops of Chlorophyll into my water is surprisingly helpful!

Green Chlorophyll Water, Recipe to Curb Hunger | www.TakeAim.nu

3. Nighttime: Hot Water + Lemon + Honey + Turmeric (or Ginger)

At night, I love to get into a routine that helps me calm down and get sleepy before going to bed, so this tea mixture is perfect. I’ve heard and read lots of great benefits to lemon and honey in your water, but I recently tried adding turmeric. I’m a major addict of spicy foods, so I like the idea of adding some spice to my hot water, but also the health benefits are apparently insane. Turmeric used to be used in a lot of medicines, and is supposed to help with digestion, menstrual pain, and even prevent some diseases. Sounds pretty good to me! I simply chop up a few pieces of turmeric or ginger and pour over boiling water and let it sit a few minutes. Add some lemon and honey – amazing way to end the day.

Hot lemon water with honey and turmeric | www.TakeAim.nu

Turmeric Lemon Honey Tea Recipe | www.TakeAim.nu