3 Lipstick Looks That Every Beauty Minimalist Will Love

I’m not really a big lipstick person because I typically go with a more natural beauty look, but I couldn’t pass up a post for National Lipstick Day, right? The best part about lip beauty is there are pretty much endless options, from an invisible chapstick to a sparkling gloss. I like that whatever you do with your lips can sometimes be the perfect final touch to an outfit and give you just enough to make a statement or determine how formal your look is. So from one all-natural-beauty-girl to another, here are 3 lipstick looks that every beauty minimalist will love:

1. Chapsticks and Moisturizers: Obviously I’m a sucker for anything that looks and feels natural. I love a subtle moisturizer with little or no tint on my lips. It can be just enough to highlight and make you feel fresh on the daily without making your lips a big deal.

2. Peaches and Nudes: Peach lips are my favorite trend of the moment, and I like that it’s a step up from natural without drawing too much attention. I feel like I can easily pull off a peach or nude look without anyone noticing (in a good way), so that I just look mysteriously more put-together than usual.

3. Bold Lips: There’s always the right occasion for a classic red or deep pink look. I love adding either of these colors for more formal occasions, with a black dress, or when I want something a little more dramatic. There’s also something really stunning about the classic beauty icons and their bright red lipstick looks. Any time I want to feel a little Audrey Hepburn, some dramatic eyes and pretty lips can be just right.

Here’s some of my lipstick inspo for today – what color will you wear?!

Lip Stick Inspo | www.TakeAim.nu take-aim-lipstick-inspo-2