3 Nail Art Designs That Don’t Look Tacky

I like to keep my outfits looking pretty minimal a lot of times, but one area I love to play with interesting designs and colors is on my fingernails! Nail art is such a fun way to give your artsy side an outlet while keeping your outfits cool. I’ve tried a lot of different looks lately at my favorite salon, Olive & June. I’ve done some basic bright colors, color-blocking, negative space and I even got some cute eyes when I went to Mexico.

My Pinterest board is filling up with lots of fun ideas, but in the meantime, here are 3 nail art designs that don’t look tacky:

Minimal Nail Art Graphic | www.TakeAim.nu Statement Color Nail Art Graphic | www.TakeAim.nuFun Pattern Nail Art Graphic | www.TakeAim.nu

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