3 Steps to the Perfect Date Night with Magnum

This video is extra special because (drum roll please) it’s Peter’s debut appearance! This is a big deal you guys…I think it helped that this one involved ice cream ;)

We had so much fun filming this video, and had lotssss of bloopers lol. Magnum’s new ice cream tubs are brand new and sooooo yummy. The entire tub of ice cream has a chocolate hard shell around it, so you have to crack it with a spoon! It’s basically a less-messy way to eat their famous ice cream bars.

In partnership with Magnum, we made this video of 3 steps to a perfect date night with Magnum Ice Cream.

Ps if you have questions about Peter, you can see more our story here <3

ice cream date

Michelletakeaim ice cream date night with Magnum

Michelletakeaim Magnum Ice Cream tub
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