3 Things I Love About Everlane

When I think of “cool” brands, Everlane is one of the first ones that comes to mind. I love wearing their clothes, partially because I love so many of their pieces, but also because I admire the company as a whole so much. Here are the top three things I love about Everlane:

1. Transparency – Everlane is totally reshaping the fashion industry by being really transparent about their prices and manufacturing. They’re making it uncool to work with unethical manufacturing processes, and they’ll tell you everything about the product on their website, from where it was manufactured to what the materials cost them and how much profit they’re getting from your purchase. I hadn’t heard of any other company doing that before them, so I really admire how they paved the way!

2. Quality – Their products are awesome. The materials are really nice and they’re the kind of pieces I would buy once and wear for a long time. I really loved the relaxed fit of these pants and how comfortable and flattering they were, despite being wide legged and not a skinny pant.

3. Style – I love the minimalist look of so many of their pieces. Two of my favorites right now are The Modern Point Loafers and The Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress.

Clayton Top | Everlane Pants | Madewell Scarf | Gucci Bag (similar)| Gucci Shoes

Everlane Pants, Gucci Accessories
Everlane Outfit, Gucci Accessories

Here are some other times I’ve worn Everlane:

Everlane Striped Top, Red Scarf
Everlane Black Slip On Shoes
Everlane knit dress, Minimal Outfit
Ripped Black Jeans, Everlane Shoes
Close up, Detail Black Knit
Everlane Loafers, Black Bag