3 Tips for Using Liquid Blush

I used to be super intimidated by liquid blush because typically it’s really really pigmented. I’m already more of a natural-makeup girl so using something that’s so so brightly colored had me pretty hesitant (not about those pink clown cheeks lol). Thanks to YouTube and my friend Valerie who is such a talented make up artist, I’ve learned some tricks and tips over the last couple of years and now I feel like I’ll never go back to powder blush. I love it!

Liquid blush is nice because most times I use liquids for every other part of my face — foundation, contouring, etc so using a liquid blush too helps it blend really well. My favorites are Nars Liquid Blush and Perricone MD Liquid Blush.

In case you’re also intimidated by those neon pink bottles, I wanted to share my 3 tips for using liquid blush! <3

Michelletakeaim tips on liquid blsuh

tips for rosy cheeks

1. Don’t use too much!

Remember that a little goes a long way and you only need a drop or two to get that perfect subtle glow.

2. Use the right brush.

I like using a Beauty Blender because it distributes color really nicely and I feel like you have a lot of control. You can start with a tiny bit and easily add more if you need to. It helps to get it slightly damp before using it!

3. Tie in the color with the lips.

I really like to sort of subtly match the two or use colors that go well together to make the cheek color feel even more natural and to sort of tie it all together.


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