4 Trends I am Seeing on my Instagram Feed

I get many questions on what trends and styles-ones I like and ones that I don’t. Every year trends come and go, some I am more happy to see leave than others! It seems like the all the trends growing up in the 90’s has come back and is more popular than ever.

Here are four major trends I have been seeing when scrolling through my Instagram.

bucket hats

This is definitely a micro trend I am seeing everywhere on my Instagram. If you are bold enough this spring and summer, a bucket hat is on trend for this season. I have seen people wearing them poolside, brunch or the accessory to complete a fashion forward outfit. I am not sure how I feel about this trend, it does not feel the most flattering, but who knows maybe I will wear one in the coming months.

chain belts

Belts have been so big this season, especially at Coachella I saw crystal belts or chain linked belts over skirts, dresses, or even oversized t-shirts. I think it is a fun way to jazz up an outfit and make it a little more cool girl.

4 Trends I am Seeing on my Instagram Feed - Take Aim Rhinestone belt
4 Trends I am Seeing on my Instagram Feed - Take Aim Rhinesetone belt

tie – dye 

Tie-dye is SUPER big this spring and summer. Get out those old school tie dye kits and make your old shirts printed or bags. Even on the runway we are seeing a lot of tie-dye looks, so its not surprising that we are seeing it in the stores now. I think this is a fun look for summer and definitely a trend I am looking forward to trying.

4 Trends I am Seeing on my Instagram Feed - Take Aim Tie-Dye runway trend 2019

slip dresses 

This pretty trend is so simple, but yet chic. I love how thin and strappy slip dresses are, and can be super cute paired over a t-shirt. It would be perfect for a vacation with a nice golden tan. I have been seeing on my Instagram feed girls wearing them with chunky boots, strappy heels or even sneakers. It can be such a versatile look, while still remaining very feminine.

Which of these trends are your favorite? And which ones are you guys would you not be caught in?