5 Acai Bowls In Downtown Los Angeles You Have To Try

When it comes to healthy and refreshing snacks, there are few things I love more than a fresh acai bowl. I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on the best spots around the city to find really good bowls, so I made a list. 5 Acai Bowls in Downtown Los Angeles that you have to try:

Amazebowls, Acai Bowls in downtown Los Angeles in a coconut

1. AMAZEBOWLS: Acai Bowls are already pretty amazing, but eating them out of a coconut really tops it off. Besides their very photogenic arrangements, Amazebowls serve their acai with fresh coconut shreds, and the cutest little flowers! It was basically Hawaii in a bowl.

Acai Bowl + City Scape

2. QWENCH: Qwench has a lot of really unique combos of juices and bowls. If you’re looking for something outside of the standard options (like Brazilian nuts, or peanut butter!), this is the place to go. They have a cute store in the heart of downtown and their service is always friendly and fast.

Fresh Fruit, Acai Bowl, Blueberries

3. WHOLE FOODS: I love Whole Foods because you can get literally anything you want, and so much of it is ready made to grab and go, but it’s guaranteed to be really healthy as well. Their acai bowls are really good, especially because they pack it with power-fruits. I’m addicted

Acai Bowl in LA

4. JUICE CRAFTERS: Juice Crafters is right by all of those cute painted phrases on the ground that say “I Love LA” and other things like that. They have really good bowls with convenient to-go packaging so you can pick one up on the run. I always get mine with coconut shreds, because how could you not.

Juice Crafters Acai Bowl

Earthbar Acai Bowl

5. EARTHBAR: Health-wise, you really can’t go wrong with acai bowls in Downtown Los Angeles,  but Earthbar is all vegan, so I always feel like I’m being triple healthy when I get a bowl there. They’re also right in the heart of downtown LA. So yummy!

Image borrowed from Earthbar Brentwood

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