5 Essentials For A Successful Mini Staycation

I’m about to start traveling again soon — heading to New York Fashion Week in a few days! Fashion Week is always crayyy with meetings and events so I was thinking I should probably stock up on downtime with a much needed mini staycation.  Honestly sometimes real vacations can be kind of exhausting with all the traveling (plus my wallet always seems a little smaller afterwards…), and it’s just important to take a low-key, quality day off every once in a while anyways, to keep from going insane.

I’m the first to admit that sometimes I feel guilty and a little lazy when I take a day off, but since it’s so important to prioritize rest, I wanted to come up with 5 essentials to a successful mini staycation. Consider them “soft rules” — do what works for you, but don’t let your day go to waste without some truly restful time:

staycation everyday please?

1. Make a loose plan ahead of time: This is totally your day off, but you want to make sure you have thought ahead to what you might want to do that day just so you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s good to plan some options ahead, but also to leave yourself with no official agenda for the day.

2. Set the ambiance: For me, environment is everything. If my house is a mess I’m probably not going to feel very relaxed all day, so make sure you have a clean house, some fresh flowers, candles, pretty lighting… whatever environment makes you feel the most relaxed.

3. Enjoy healthy-ish comfort food: Staycation days are “cheat days” 100% but healthy also feels better most times, so find the balance you feel the most refreshed by! I love having some fresh fruit (love strawberries), a green juice, coffee (can’t not), and a big healthy-ish breakfast, but leaving plenty of room to splurge on a croissant (my weakness) and some dark chocolate.

4. Wear a comfy, feel-good outfit: Cute PJ’s are perfect (or athleisure if you’re not a PJ’s person). I feel like the right outfit totally depends on the person and whatever you feel the best in <3

5. Enjoy self care activities that you don’t get to do all the time: face masks, at-home manicure, bubble bath, extra time doing an easy workout, catching up on your favorite show… all the things you wish you could do during your busy week!

Hope these tips help you plan the perfect mini staycation– I added some shopping links below to the perfect PJ’s and accessories for your next staycation as well. xx



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