5 Plant Based Recipes

This week I’m doing a big detox to help my body get back into feeling its best! It’s been on my mind for weeks and this week if the first opportunity I’ve had to stay home and focus on my health. I’ve been traveling non-stop all of this year so far and it’s taken a toll on my body. I also have a busy summer ahead with lots of trips, moving out of Echo Park and I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity to do a reset. I’ve also been sick the last 5 days (UGH) and I think it’s my body telling me it needs a little more love.

I typically eat a plant-based diet but this week I was to really crack down on my eating, in addition to try out some new workouts beauty treatments and even some stress relieving mental practices. It’s a full reboot! Stress is one of the hardest things for our body to manage so I am excited to include in my detox week. Stay tuned for all the progress and fun things I’ll be doing this week on my Instagram – also, please DM or email me if you have any good suggestions!  The first thing I wanted to share a few meals I’m planning to try for this week:

Paleo Granola

I love this recipe because it is something that I can easily make and have on hand for a while. It has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks, I can add to smoothie bowls, oatmeal, dairy free yogurt or with dairy alternatives like cereal. It is a great way to get protein and be filling with all the healthy fats. Many times “gluten-free” items are packed with sugar-even good sugars like honey or maple sugar, so it’s nice to be able to monitor how sweet you are making food to be!

Smoothie Bowl

I love how beautiful smoothie bowls look and are filled with so many nutrients for your body. I have noticed since eat plant based how amazing my body feels when I nourish it with real food. Smoothie bowls are great because you can personalize with the toppings-YES I love options! This recipe seemed so simple and I want to find a great vegan protein powder to add into it to keep me fuller longer.


5 Plant Based Recipes - Take Aim Michelle Madsen Plan Based Foods Paleo Detox Salad

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Paleo Detox Salad

When I saw this recipe I knew that I definitely wanted to try it! It is full of so many vitamins and minerals with all the leafy greens and healthy dressing. I will share with you guys after I make this and let you know how it is!

Paleo Buddha Bowl

You guys know how much I love bowls! I could eat it for every meal and for my cleanse I really wanted to try a new recipe at home that was Paleo-so goodbye rice for this week. I am wanting to get rid of any bloating and eliminating grains I have noticed it helps to quickly do the trick! Will definitely be trying this recipe and may add something like salmon or fish to it!


Coconut Fat Balls

I have been wanting to try these Paleo and vegan protein balls. I am always drawn to quick little snacks throughout the day-Cliff Bars have been my go-to usually. I thought that these would be a nice way to try something different! They are high in fat (v FILLING) and low in sugar, making it the perfect snack.

Results to come! I can’t promise that my food photos will be as insta-worthy as these, but I will try! What are your favorite healthy recipes? Looking to try new things! :)








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