5 Rules to Follow When Attending a Wedding

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how I went to my cousin’s wedding with my whole family (including my cute date – my little nephew). It was such a fun weekend, and even though it’s only January, it made me kind of excited for “wedding season” coming up this year. It’s kind of funny how many unspoken rules and questions there are when it comes to dressing for a wedding, not to mention the fact that for most weddings, you have to be ready for a full day out. How fancy is too fancy? Is the ceremony outdoors? Are my shoes going to hold me up all night on the dance floor? What colors are allowed these days?

After that wedding, I was thinking about what I could share on wedding attire tips, so I came up with these 5 safe rules to follow when attending a wedding:

  1. Only one white dress allowed in the room! Ok, you probably (hopefully) knew this one. Make sure not to wear any dress close to the color white because it’s the bride’s time to shine.
  2. Patterns are good! It might be safest to avoid a solid colored dress, just in case yours happens to be the exact shade of the bridesmaids dresses. That’s not a hard rule, but it can be a little awkward if you accidentally match the wedding party. Since blush is so popular for bridesmaids right now, that might be a good color to avoid if you’re not sure! (Bummer because I love it)
  3. Layers! A lot of times you don’t really know what the temps will be like, so it’s great if your outfit allows you to have options. Outdoor weddings are so beautiful, but could get a little chilly at night… Indoor weddings can be stuffy or freezing depending on the venue. I usually like to wear something sleeveless or short sleeved with a layer I can easily slip on top — good for warm and cold.
  4. Happy medium between fancy and casual. Midi-length dresses are usually a good length for that in-between-fancy style, but if you’re really not sure, I would opt for something more formal. Then you can also have a pair of casual sandals, a ponytail holder or a denim jacket in the car to dress it down before the reception if you need to.
  5. Bring a bag. Find a small to medium size bag that can fit the necessities: lipstick, phone, wedding card and maybe even some foldable flats :)

Would you add any other rules to the list? Comment below!

Michelle Madsen in Rebecca Taylor Dress


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