5 Skincare Trends To Try This Spring

One of my favorite things I get to do is try different products and trends in beauty. I have been adding some new practices in my skincare routine, and doing a lot of the same as well. I thought I would share with you guys some of my new and (repeated) skincare practices that I am doing. Maybe you might feel inspired to try something new in your self care line up.

light therapy

I recently purchased a medical grade LED light panel to do practice red light therapy at home. I had been going to get facials with red light for awhile and was amazed at the results I was seeing in my skin. Light therapy is something that is amazing for acne, signs of aging and overall appearance of skin. I notice that when I use the light it helps calm my skin down and gives it a glow. There are many at home light therapy treatments that you can try. I would recommend if you find yourself spending money consistently at a salon getting it done then consider purchasing one at home. It is an investment, but it is completely safe to do at home. It comes with goggles and it shuts off at 30 minutes so you do not over bake. I will be sharing a more in depth about my light that I have been using later!

face mask

With the weather changing from winter to warmer weather, I am more aware of how my skin is reacting. One way that I combat skin that is acting up is through face masks. I have my different face masks according to what my skin needs. If I am dry, breaking out, or needing an overall glow. Here are a few of my favorite face masks.


One thing I have learned in recent years is that just washing your face at night is not enough. When I started to add serums into my face washing regimen, it was such a game changer! Serums are so good for making your skin look plump, full and aid in anti-aging. If you are looking to change up your skin care routine this spring, I would look into adding a serum into your product line up.

makeup setting sunscreen

I cannot emphasize enough the need for sun protection. A Lot of makeup now includes some sort of SPF in it, but many times that protection does not last all day. I have been loving Kate Somerville’s setting spray for makeup that also acts as a sunscreen. It is an easy way to ensure your whole face is protected, including your neck and ears. You just simply spray over your face when all done and you are covered.

skincare with CBD

Everywhere I look this spring CBD seems to be the common ingredient in all the new skincare products. Whether it be in face wash, face masks, lip balms you name it. CBD has properties that help aggravated and inflamed skin calm down. It soothes the skin! I have been trying many different products and some I like better than others. I think that we are going to continue to see a big CBD trend in skincare, especially as more clean or natural products are becoming more popular as well.

What beauty trends are you trying, would love to hear your favorites?


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