5 Trending Patterns I Love This Season

I’m obsessing over alllll the patterns this season. There are all kinds of patterns trending right now but I wanted to narrow it down to 5 that are especially popular this spring. I think my favorite is the plaid trend…I have to really restrain myself from getting another plaid blazer (I want them all lol). Some of the patterns I’m seeing this season have transferred over from fall and winter, and I love the spring makeover they’re getting. Others are tried and true, like florals and stripes! Here are 5 trending patterns right now that I’m keeping on hand:

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Michelle Madsen wearing plaid oversized blazer


| ba&sh Coat |

Michelletakeaim in Paris with plaid blazer and camel bag

Subtle Plaid

Like I said, I’m absolutely loving this plaid right now. I love how it’s still a statement without being distracting, and really versatile. While I initially think of plaid as more of a fall pattern, I’m loving how it transfers to spring so easily too.


Gingham has made it’s way from the south out here to the west coast. Along with the classic gingham skirts and dresses, I’m loving gingham in oversized outerwear and statement sleeves. I like the causal retro vibes of gingham a lot too.

Michelletakeaim 5 trending patterns houndstooth inspo 1

Michelletakeaim 5 trending patterns houndstooth inspo 2


Houndstooth is like Gingham’s cousin so it also has a bit of a vintage feel which I like. I feel like houndstooth is a newer comeback this season so I don’t have a ton of it yet. I definitely need to add some more gingham to my wardrobe! These are photos from my Pinterest since I don’t have any of myself in houndstooth yet. (Working on it!)

Tiny Florals

Florals in spring is always an obvious choice… I remember bigger, bolder florals were popular around this time last year but this year we’re back to the dainty, tiny florals. I love the look of floral patterned jackets! (Lik this Rebecca Taylor jacket)

Michelletakeaim 5 trending patterns stripes 2

| Storets Top (similar) |

Mismatched stripes

Stripes are another classic pattern that will probably always be in style in one way or another. I’m loving what I’ve seen lately of actually mismatching two different types of stripes together in one outfit. I need to take a photo of this soon too! Stay tuned :)

What are your favorite pattern trends this year so far?

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