6 Reasons I Loved The New M Beta Marriott In Charlotte, NC

Michelle Madsen, Los Angeles Fashion Blogger in North Carolina

I recently spent a couple of days checking out the new M Beta Marriott Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was so impressed! They’ve done so many creative things to make your stay unique and refreshing. The pictures don’t do it justice, so here are 6 reasons I loved the new M Beta Marriott:

Marriott Hotel Front Desk

1. They are way ahead of the game. I loved that the Marriott’s interiors were really modern and luxurious feeling, but they had also digitized everything, which was so convenient! You could even check in online with your phone and use your phone as a key, so there was really no need to even visit the front desk when checking in.

Marriott Hotel Bedroom

Coco And The Director Coffee Shop, Marriott Hotel, North Carolina
2. Their coffee shop is called Coco and The Director, and it was perfect. I’m a bit of a coffee shop snob because there are so many amazing ones around LA, but I really liked this one. Their coffee was delicious, and they had the cutest gift shop with things like Original Moon Pies, Coffee brewing books, Charlotte Souvenirs and – my favorite – a brown sugar and cinnamon latte.

Michelle and Lesley at Coco And The Director

3. Their fitness center is a luxury gym. They had cooled towels, sparkling water (on tap!!), and a large screen TV where you could select a workout class on demand and follow along on the machines. A-maz-ing.

Marriott Dinner

Marriott Hotel Dining Table4. Their hotel restaurant, called Stoke Restaurant, was so good. All of their produce comes from local farms and everything is designed and created by a local chef. The most incredible item on the menu was a one-pound donut filled with custard and pieces of toffee (who wants to split with me???).

Marriott Lounge Area, North Carolina

5. They had a really cool speakeasy where you can enjoy handcrafted cocktails in a great environment, plus a bar with beer, wine and pressed cocktails on tap.

Marriott Kitchen, Fresh Product
Marriott Hotel Speakeasy

6. The Marriott is all about community and collaboration. They emphasize that they are a space that is open to the community and they do a lot to bring the city of Charlotte to you while you’re visiting. Everything that goes on there, from the coffee shops and restaurants to the hotel events are open to public. So cool!

Marriott Lounge Area, North CarolinaDowntown Charlotte, North Carolina