6 Things I Have on Hand When I Fly

6 Things I Have on Hand When I Fly - Take Aim Michelletakeaim things to use at the airport

These past few months I have been traveling non-stop and it can be hard on your skin and body. Being in an airplane can be drying on your skin, hard on your system and overall make you more susceptible to getting sick. Most of the time when I am flying it is for work and a job so I need to make sure I am feeling my best. I wanted to share some of my tips from my traveling and some of my favorite products.

One: Away Luggage

I am a huge fan of Away luggage. They make it so easy for packing your clothes and organizing all my toiletries as well. It opens in the middle with one side for packing for hard things-shoes, bags and toiletries. The other side is perfect for packing all your clothes. The bag is lightweight and easy to wheel around on all four wheels. Plus they come in so many fun colors!

Two: Cliff Bars

When it comes to traveling, you never know what kind of food you are going to get on the plane or if you will have good food options in the terminal you are waiting for your flight. If you have been following me, you know how much I love my Cliff Bars. Specifically the white chocolate macadamia nut flavor. It is filling and low in calories and gives me energy. It is a must when I am traveling.

Three: External Chargers

I always pack with me a back external charger for my phone when I am traveling. I always need my phone ready for getting photos, emails and staying in contact with people while traveling so I need to make sure I am always charged. I found this great one on Amazon!

Four: Face Mask

Sometimes on my longer flights, I want to make sure my skin is not completely dried out from the air in flight. I want to look refreshed and hydrated and sheet mask are a great solution because you can easily put them on and off. No washing your face is required and they typically only take about 20 minutes so you don’t have to feel so extra the whole flight.

Five: Moon Dust

I love Moon Juices dusts and when flying I like to take my Power Dust when I land. When fighting being tired and jet lag it really helps to give me energy. Plus they are packed with adaptogens, which helps your body to naturally balance itself where it is needed.

Six: Headphones

I typically use my air pods when I am listening to music on my phone, but when traveling you need to make sure to watch a movie you have your own headphones that work for watching movies. It can be so easy to forget if you use different headphones and sometimes flights do not always hand out headphones. I like to keep a separate pair just for flying that work well.


These are some of my tips for flying, would love to hear any recommendations you may have! I travel so much and would love to hear any tips and hacks you have found when traveling.