6 Different Types Of Bell Sleeves For Everyday Looks

Sometimes I forget how many crazy styles there are out there and how fashion can really be such an art. Most of those styles are not things you would wear on the daily, but the one exaggerated shape you can pull off every day is bell sleeves. I remember when bell sleeves were super trendy several years ago, but now they’ve come back in so many different ways, from super subtle details to multiple bells all over. I feel like bell sleeves are such a good way to make your outfit more interesting without having to add an extra piece. This outfit was so easy and comfortable to wear because it’s really just a cozy knit and a skirt, but the bell sleeves make it feel like I did so much more to dress up.

Tommy Hilfiger Top | Topshop Jeans 

I did some browsing on Instagram and found so many bloggers wearing cute bell sleeve looks, so I thought I’d bring you some inspiration from more closets than just my own! Here are 6 different types of bell sleeves for everyday looks:

classic bell sleeves - Paola from Blank Itinerary

1. Classic Bell Sleeves: they start at the elbow and gradually flare out to the hand. Super feminine and pretty! See original post


2. Understated Bell Sleeves: I love how short and simple these can be, so that the sleeve is not necessarily the focus of the outfit, but still adds a little flare (no pun intended!) See original post 1 | See original post 2

Short Sleeve Bells

3. Short Sleeve Bells: Even within this category, there are so many forms of bell sleeves! Off the shoulders, little flares, super exaggerated, or subtle. See original post 1 | See original post 2

Triple bell sleeves, Jessi Malay

4. Multiple Bells: This look is definitely more of a statement, so you have to be committed! It’s really fun and feminine, especially in white. See original post

Oversized Bell Sleeves

5. Oversized Bells: These can be from the elbow or from the wrist, but they usually involve a ton of fabric and flop over your hands. Oversized looks are really fun in lots of trends, and bells are no exception! See original post 1 | See original post 2

Wrist Flare Sleeves

6. Wrist Flares: Wrist flares might be my favorite type. They’re exaggerated enough to make a statement, but they’re still simple and out of the way. See original post 1 | See original post 2

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