7 Day Detox and Beauty Challenge

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week so far. Last week I set out to do a 7 day detox and beauty challenge. I wanted to have my body reset with diet, exercise, beauty routines and trying fun new things. Each day I set out to share two workouts, a wellness experience, beauty challenge and my clean eating. I was able to accomplish mostly all of them everyday-who knew setting out to do so many fitness and wellness experiences can be like a part time job!

I added in my highlights all my stories from last week so you can see all my experiences that I am talking about anytime and checkout the places, recipes and workouts yourself!

In setting out to do this 7 day challenge, Erin came along with me to help be my accountability, plus it is fun to have someone with you in the classes and trying new things together!


For our diet we stuck to a Paleo (no gluten, grain or dairy) plan with no meat, fish only diet. What added the extra challenge was having no alcohol or sugar. I found that throughout the day my usual tendency is to grab something quick and carby to fill me up. It was a challenge to remind myself to continue to snack on fruits, nuts, veggies-whole foods. I found that I felt much lighter and less bloated very quickly. My energy was great and my clothes were fitting differently just after a few days. I shared with you guys last week 5 Plant Based Recipes, and I made those meals this last week. Make sure to check out the blog post and my stories to see how they turned out. I ended up making the Kale slaw, Vegan Coconut fat balls, and the Smoothie Bowl. I also made my beloved celery juice and had some amazing poke bowls (sans rice)!


We tried all sorts of different styles of working out. We did Pilates class the first day. I love the Reformer, it is a great way to strengthen the body and get lean muscles while having low impact. It is one of my favorite workouts. I also went for a run the same day to get in my double workout. We also did hot yoga at Y7, I love anything warm because you get a workout while also releasing your body of toxins. I am always a big advocate for hot yoga and it is regularly apart of my workout routine. We decided that we should push ourselves and do something more cardio driven. We did a SoulCycle class and we both loved it! At first we were not sure if we were up for it, but the music and energy in the room allows you to somehow keep cycling for an hour. It is amazing and I highly recommend! One of my favorite workout classes that we tried was a Pole Dancing class. I had never taken a class before and I will definitely take another. It was an intro class, so we learned basic moves, but I definitely can’t wait to learn more. For wrapping up our week of workouts, I did a hike in Runyon Canyon.

| Y7 Yoga |

| SoulCycle |

| D&A Flying Yoga: Pole Dancing Classes |

Wellness Experiences

I wanted to try different experiences and also share in more detail about ones that I do regularly. I share frequently on Instagram about my love for saunas, and I went to both ShapeHouse and HotBox (infrared sauna). Both bost of benefits to your sleep, burning calories, detoxing, good for your skin, and overall relaxing your body. They do it in different ways, ShapeHouse I find that I sweat more and seems to burn more calories. While HotBox has other properties like light therapy and the Infrared light shining in the room the entire time in your session.

While I love being warm and sweaty, we decided to try Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is when you are put into a -150 degree room for 3:00-3:30 minutes. I was unfortunately not able to participate because I was getting over a cold, but both Erin and Matt tried it. They give you two pairs of gloves, face mask, towel, socks, slippers before you enter in. It looked freezing, they said it both gave them an energy boost and it was the coldest thing they have ever done! I definitely want to go back and try it!

Our last experience that we tried was a Float Tank, this was one of the most unusual experiences I have tried. You are put into a tank that has a small pool of water that is filled with Epsom salt allowing your body to easily float. You go in completely naked (in your own capsule) and float for an hour. Inside the tank it is completely dark with no sound and light. It is a unique experience for your senses because it is hard to distinguish where you are in space. It is used for meditative practice to relax and remain present. I highly recommend it! Some people experience anxiety or claustrophobia but they give you different techniques like counting back from 100 to calm and relax your mind. Your skin is really soft afterwards from the salt, but you shower off after and get any of the salt off your body.

| ShapeHouse |

| HotBox |

Beauty Challenges

I wanted to share different face masks and beauty things that were unique or new for me. One thing that we tried was detoxifying foot pads. You put them on the bottom of your feet (they look like tea bags) and they are supposed to pull toxins out of your body. The first night that I tried them both Erin and I naturally woke up an hour before our alarms wide awake. That was a benefit that they said may happen from the pads! We used the pads other nights and did not experience the same thing-but if you are interested in trying them I linked them below! I also tried a v hydrating hair mask by Maria Nila. I had the most amazing time staying at the Line Hotel with them last week celebrating their launch into the US. We picked up some other products, including hair dye that you put in your hair. We tried adding Peach to Erin’s hair but she chickened out and did not add enough product. I wanted to share more beauty tricks and hacks but it ended up being a busy weekend with me moving out of my place in Echo Park.

I will be continuing to share more beauty products and interesting tools that I find!

Erin and I both lost weight in just a week and felt full of energy! We are considering continuing at least our clean eating longer than just a week.

What do you guys think, should we continue on with our 7 day detox and do a month? Comment below what you would like to see us try?