7 Walls In LA That Your Instagram Will Love

As ridiculous as this statement would have been a couple of years ago, I honestly don’t know what I would do without Instagram. Obviously, as a blogger, Instagram is a huge part of what I do, and it’s become a part of my job that I really love! I love searching for cool locations with great light, and of course a good #ootd wall.

I feel like I’m constantly bragging on LA, but it really is probably one of the best cities for Instagrammable walls. I love that LA has tons of bright white walls, patterned walls, plant-covered walls, colored walls, murals, the list goes on. It’s so full of vibrant art and urban activities, so I feel like you could probably find almost any type of wall you want.

Since the options are literally endless, it won’t be hard to find a good photo op the next time you’re in the city. But just in case, I made a list of 7 walls in LA that your Instagram will love:

The Broad | Alfred Tea Room | AOC Wall | Made in LA Wall | Melrose Pink Wall | Rawberry | The Big +

The Broad Graphic | www.TakeAim.nu

Alfred Tea Room Pink Wall @thriftsandthreads | www.TakeAim.nuAOC Vine Wall @michelletakeaim | www.TakeAim.nuMade in LA wall | www.TakeAim.nuPink Melrose Wall @teamwoodnote | www.TakeAim.nu

Plant Pattern Wall @thriftsandthreads | www.TakeAim.nuGray and White Plus Sign Wall @lisadengler | www.TakeAim.nu

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