8 Self Care Products

Self care is such an important part of keeping your skin, body, and mind healthy. You don’t need a lot to create a supply of self care products for home, but just enough to be able to having a relaxing spa day when needed. I put together my favorite products so you can see what my self care routine is. I would love to hear what your favorite self care tips are, so comment below! xoxo

face mask

8 Self Care Products - Take Aim Face Mask Michelle Madsen's 8 Self Care Products

There’s something about a face mask that is a simple cure for a bad day. The best feeling is coming home, getting cozy, and binge watching your favorite show wearing a face mask. The NIOD Mastic Must is amazing at minimizing pores and clearing your face of impurities. It smells incredible, and will feel like you just got a facial.


I love using essential oils to make my house smell good and for health benefits as well. Peppermint oil is great for curing headaches, and I love using lavender oil at night to make me calm for bed. The Vitruvi Oil Diffuser is perfect for mixing your oils to make your house smell amazing, and can also be used with Thieves oil to disinfect if you’re getting over a cold. I also love the style of this diffuser, and is a great addition to a coffee table.

8 Self Care Products - Take Aim Diffuser for Michelle Madsen's 8 Self Care Products

sleep mask

8 Self Care Products - Take Aim Slip Sleep Mask for Michelle Madsen's 8 Self Care Products

I have become such a fan of the Slip Silk Sleep Mask and now can’t sleep without it. The silk is so smooth and feels amazing on your eyes. Not only does it block out light and help me sleep, but I also love all the colors.

jade roller

Jade rollers are getting a lot of attention right now, and I understand why! This ancient Chinese skincare tool is not only beautiful for your bathroom counter, but it’s a master at rejuvenating your skin. Using this roller will help blood circulation in your skin, reduce swelling, and allow deeper penetration for your skincare. You can put it in the refrigerator for a cooling sensation at night after you wash your face and apply facial oil. After your facial routine, use your roller all over your face to set in your skincare. It also feels like a massage so it’s easy to get in the habit of using.

water bottle

8 Self Care Products - Take Aim BKR Water Bottler for Michelle Madsen's 8 Self Care Products

Drinking the suggested amount of water for your daily intake can fee like a chore. I try to drink a lot of water in the day, but sometimes it gets tricky when I’m out for meetings or when I’m traveling. I’ve found that having a cute water bottle really helps me remember to stay hydrated. It almost becomes an accessory, which is why I love the BKR Water Bottle, with it’s functional shape and cute color options.

bath bomb

One of my favorite self care products is a bath bomb. Having a relaxing bath is so calming, and I love adding a bath bomb for extra self care. This Latika Bath Bomb has white jasmine, ginger, and nutmeg aromas that smell incredible, with a dash of glitter…because why not!?

8 Self Care Products - Take Aim Bath Bomb for Michelle Madsen's 8 Self Care Products


8 Self Care Products - Take Aim Marvis Toothpaste Michelle Madsen's 8 Self Care Products

Toothpaste may seem like a silly addition to this list, but this one is a game changer. The lavender mint Marvis Toothpaste is such a unique flavor and is like a spa in your mouth. It’s the perfect amount of mint for a fresh taste, with a hint of lavender to add some fun to your nightly routine.


Finding your favorite fragrance can be such an accomplishment since there’s so many options for perfumes. To help your process, La Labo has an amazing Discovery Set, where you can test out their most popular scents. La Labo is one of my favorite brands, with their unique and fresh fragrances.

8 Self Care Products - Take Aim La Labo Discovery Kit for Michelle Madsen's 8 Self Care Products
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