A Day In The Life With Diesel Actyvista

 It’s been almost a year since I’ve been able to work on my blog full-time and consider it a career rather than just a hobby. I’m sure some of you are wondering how it’s possible to spend 40+ hours a week working on sharing about my life and outfits – trust me, it’s more than possible! Blogging is a little more work than you would think and in collaboration with Diesel, I want to share a little bit about a day in my life with you.

Currently, I’m at NYFW and things are busier than usual but even on a normal day I have a very on-the-go lifestyle. I spend a few hours in the morning on posts and emails and then usually have a couple meetings in the afternoon.  Anything from coffee dates (networking!) to visiting showrooms to meeting up with photographers to create content or going to events.

I find myself needing to transition from errands to cocktails on a regular basis! Some of my tricks have been to find staple pieces that can work for both. Diesel Actyvista pants are some of my new favorites. I can style them into a casual errand outfit and easily change my shoes and top to be ready for a meeting where I need to look nice. The best thing about them is how comfortable and flexible they are… I could probably do yoga in them if I wanted!

Below are photos wearing the pants in a typical errand look and then a more put-together look for my meetings and events. Hope you guys have enjoyed learning a little more about a day in my life!


(Outfit 1)

Diesel Actyvista Pants | Diesel Tee | Abercrombie Jacket

Clare V Purse | Kenneth Cole Shoes

(Outfit 2)

Diesel Actyvista Pants | Diesel Coat | J Brand Tank

Loeffler Randall Bag | 10 Crosby by Derek Lam Shoes

Abercrombie denim jacket, Clare Vivier crossbody, Diesel jeans Diesel Actyvista JEans, Kenneth Cole sneakers A day in the life with Diesel Actyvista jeans Abercrombie jean jacket, Clare Vivier crossbody Diesel coat, Loeffler Randall Bag, Diesel jeans Diesel Actyvista jeans, 10 Crosby Derek Lam shoes Diesel Coat Dressed in Diesel coat and Actyvista jeans A day in the life with Diesel

Photos by Lisa Dengler of Just Another