A Long Time Favorite: ALC

One brand that I love that I haven’t talked about a ton recently is A.L.C.  A.L.C. stands for Andrea Lieberman Collection, and I think the story of how the brand came to be is a really interesting one. I’ve actually had the privilege to meet Andrea Lieberman, and she is hilarious and very cool. Andrea used to be a celebrity stylist (famous for styling Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammys) and in 2009 she moved to LA to take all of her expertise and put it towards designing her own line. I always love her collections, and I love that it’s LA-based, too.

I have a wide variety of pieces from A.L.C., but the thing I think they do really really well is suede. I love this studded suede jacket (above) that I just got recently, and their suede saddle bags have been basically a staple in my closet for a long time. Since I’ve been wearing them for a few years, I decided to collect some images from my past outfits wearing A.L.C. below! You can also shop some of my favorite pieces here:

ALC Crop Top for Fashion Week
ALC Pink Bag

ALC Suede Saddle Bag
ALC Velvet Bomber
A.L.C. Coachella Outfit
ALC Green Skirt