A Twist On Classic Hoops That’s Trending Now

Now that spring is officially here, we can go full force with the spring trends! One of my favorite new spring trends is a versatile accessory that’s been around forever…statement hoop earrings. But, the twist on classic hoops that’s trending this season is to wear wider, chunkier hoops instead of the thin, delicate ones that were our 90s faves. I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere too, and I love it!

I got a pair of chunky gold hoops several months ago and they’ve become my go-to earrings this spring. I wear them all the time because I feel like they can go with everything from my ultra feminine styles to the more tomboy casual streetwear

I also feel like there’s something kind of elegant about the new statement hoops trend. They feel more high-end and sturdy while still being super super simple.

How do you guys feel about the trending chunky hoops? Yea or nay?

Check out some of my hoop picks and inspo!

hoops for days

Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops in Teddy Coat
Michelle Madsen wearing hoop earinings wearing Rebecca taylor top

gold hoops

Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops drinking Alfred's Coffee
Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops in LA with Chloe bag
Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops in red coat
Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops in Veronica Beard Suit
Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops overlooking NYC skyline

statement piece

Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops in Plaid Blazer
Michelletakeaim Statement Hoops in NYC wearing jean jacket

hoop inspo

Michelle Madsen Statement Hoop Inspiration

shop some hoops

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