Abercrombie Refresh

Abercrombie brand refresh with city styles.

Yesterday I spent some of Memorial Day weekend walking around downtown in this full outfit from Abercrombie & Fitch. A&F recently did a brand refresh and there are tons of minimal, city styles to choose from – plus additions from some of my favorite shoe and denim brands.

It’s become a store with an “every girl” feel where you can shop per category – city, travel, beach, outdoors. I love being able navigate the site in this way because it simplifies, saves time and feels like a customized experience for me.

Living in downtown, my style has become a nice mix of oversized shirts, distressed denim and minimal details.  I love that I can now find it all at my favorite store from high school. Loving the improvements, Abercrombie! #AFinfluencer

P.S. There’s a huge sale going on the website that ends today!

I’m wearing:

Abercrombie Shirt | One Teaspoon Shorts From Abercrombie 

Dolce Vita Sandals From Abercrombie | Abercrombie Hat | Abercrombie Backpack

Abercrombie stripe shirt, One Teaspoon jean shorts. Abercrombie Shirt and hat, Dolce Vita sandals.One Teaspoon Shorts, Daniel Wellington WatchWool Hat from Abercrombie. Los Angeles style blog - Abercrombie Refresh.

Photos by Chuck David Willis