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Thanks so much for visiting! I started my blog over 6 years ago after realizing that I wanted to Take Aim and pursue something I love – and this is it! I am inspired by fashion, travel, design, and people… and I truly love getting to share my story here. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the last 8 years and cannot get enough of this city.  While I LOVE to travel, I’m equally as happy waking up to a full day in LA. I make an impossible to-do list every morning and I’m usually caught with a coffee in hand. If you know about the Ennegram, I’m a three (competitive achiever) – so to-do lists and caffeine are a huge part of my life, haha!

My mission is to Take Aim
at what I love

When I started blogging, I was pretty hesitant to put myself out there and had no clue on how to start. I named my blog Take Aim because I wanted to overcome my doubts and choose to pursue something I was passionate about, despite the risks or lack of resources. Honestly – it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It took a few years to get going but I am beyond grateful to be able to call this my career. For that reason, I challenge you guys to do the same! Love what you do, commit to it, and then you’ll never have to “work” a day in your life.
The theme, “Take Aim” is within the blog posts that I write. I hope what you read here and empowers you to Take Aim at your own dreams and goals, and to do it with confidence. There’s nothing more rewarding than Taking Aim at what you love.

Fashion, Beauty
and Travel

I appreciate good design and minimal aesthetic. My goal is to give you styling tips, updates on new trends, reviews of my favorite products and behind the scenes to my daily life here in LA and around the world. I’ll travel anywhere and everywhere, but the last couple of years have been unforgettable experiences in Paris, Mexico, Thailand, Italy and scattered cities across the U.S. (with NYC being one of my favorites!).

Let’s be close

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