Adventures in Africa

Back when I started Take Aim five years ago, I had a vision of what I wanted. Not only for this site, but also for the life that I wanted to live. The name comes from that vision, that is required to take aim at your goals and the great future that you can imagine for yourself. I can tell you that back then, I did not imagine that it would all turn out this amazing.  I didn’t realize that one day I’d be able to experience traveling to so many cool places, working with brands that I love and being able to connect with such a cool community of Take Aim followers!

love you guys

Last week, I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa. I flew 48 hours and then spent 24 hours in New York. It was three long flights that added up to a full 24 hours in the air! Note To Self: Hydration is important!

I was there to work on a really exciting project with Pandora Jewelry. It’s a campaign for their newest collection that’s set to launch next April! The morning after I landed, we were off to the beach for a full day photo shoot! Everyone on the team was so talented and fun and friendly. I fell in love with the makeup artist, Gitte, this super cute girl from Denmark that made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. The jewelry we shot is perfect for next summer and festival season and I can’t wait to share!

It was a whirlwind trip. My flight back to New York was scheduled to leave the evening after the shoot. I was exhausted from all the flights but my manager, Becca, dragged me out of bed at 5AM to go on a safari! I’m so glad she did. There is nothing like seeing these beautiful animals in the wild; zebras, giraffes, rhinos… and when I saw elephants roaming in South Africa I had to beg my safari driver to pull over and let me say hi.

safari dreams

I could have stayed in bed and slept a little longer. I could have chosen comfort over adventure. But if I had done that, I would have missed out and I wouldn’t have these moments to share with you.

What about you guys? What choices are you making that take you out of your comfort zone and open up amazing possibilities to discover something new. Let me hear about your adventures or tell me about what risks you’re taking right now to Take Aim at your future hopes and dreams. Write me in the comments below!

adventure awaits