Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Ariel Gordon is one of my favorite jewelry designers. I love what she says about her intention behind each piece:

“I want AGJ pieces to be an extension of the woman wearing them, tangible symbols of those she holds dear to her heart, or a happy occasion in her life.”

She’s found a way to merge craftsmanship with modern design with her jewelry, and I’ve always found her pieces to be dainty, non-flashy, and one’s I never really take off. I think one of my favorite things about AGJ, though, is that everything is made in LA!

Some of my favorite peices:

Twin Diamond Choker | Mini Diamond Horizon Studs | Champagne Necklace

Triangle Pave Huggies | Diamond Horizon Ring

Ariel Gordon bar stud earrings
Dainty Earrings, fine jewelry
Cool earrings, fine jewelry
Ariel Gordon necklaces
Fine jewelry made in Los Angeles
Triangle earring by Ariel Gordon
Ariel Gordon jewelry
Fine jewelry made in LA

Photos by Aesthetic