Avion Clothier

Classic wardrobe, stripe shirt

The classic, formal button-down shirt has always been hard to compete with. When it came into popularity almost 200 years ago it was always at least two things: 1) the color white, and 2) a staple dress item worn on the outside of one’s clothing (instead of beneath a jacket like we might see today), which was meant to symbolize higher status. Over time, access to more color, patterns, and fabric options emerged, which helped to tear down the walls of staunch formality. Today, the world has been opened up to button-down shirts that still look classy while feeling and fitting casually.

A great example of this is the Oxford shirt. Whether or not you’re a classic button-down type who likes pairing Oxfords with brand-new jeans and loafers, I think it’s safe to say that a well-fitting button-down has always felt great. There’s a designer store that just opened here in LA called Avion Clothier that dedicates itself to what they call “old-world technique, hand craftsmanship, [and] subtle detailing.” Here I’m wearing their ladies Oxford cotton shirt. I love its feel and subtle details.

Stripe button down, Avion Clothier

Photos by Benjamin Ewing