Lebua Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s been over a week since I left Bangkok and going through these photos warms my heart. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to such an amazing destination and be able to share what Thailand has to offer. I couldn’t recommend it more for your next vacation.  We had an incredible time in Bangkok and it was the perfect city to start our travels in Thailand.

Day 1

I landed late in the evening on the first night, but full of energy. I flew with Etihad Airlines and had a great experience with them assisting me as I was traveling alone, offering their amazing lounges during my layovers and the great service and food options while in flight. As soon as I dumped my bags at the Tower Club at Lebua we hit the city for some street food and exploration. Tasty noodles and chocolate milk tea at the price of $4 was too good to believe. I fell in love with the street vendors, the colorful cars and displays and the 24 hour flower market that night.

I loved staying at the Tower Club at Lebua. This is the hotel that The Hangover was filmed at. The balconies, the breakfast buffet, seven-course meals, The Hangover-tini, happy hour and a presidential suite. Needless to say, I embraced luxury when I was in Bangkok and had the time of my life.

My companions on this trip:

Friend and photographer – Michelle Mosqueda | NY Style Blogger – Justin Livingston

NY Style Blogger – Saul Carrasco | Canada-based Photographer – Ali Inay

Tourism Authority of Thailand – Tida and Romey

The exciting part of getting to share all of my adventures with you is that you can book everything that I’ve done in Thailand directly through the Thailand Tourism website: Book Thailand Now

Day 2

On the second day we left our hotel early, after indulging in an amazing breakfast by the pool. First stop was the Floating Market. We took a boat ride to the market place and hopped out to explore some of the shopping next to the water. We stopped at a halt when we spotted eyes on this adorable Slow Loris. While it is one of the most adorable creatures and I enjoyed getting to meet it – it is very sad that they have become so popular in tourist areas. After visiting Thailand and seeing concern from some of my readers, I did some research and learned that thousands of Slow Loris’ are being poached from the wild and illegally sold to markets. The vendors cut out their teeth, cage them and put them under stress by forcing them out in the daylight while they are nocturnal animals. Many die before they are even sold and are now in danger of extinction.  The biggest thing we can do now is raise awareness to the issue and not support the trade… as cute as they are.

Holding a Slow Loris at the Floating Market in Thailand.

The floating market is mostly women sitting in boats FULL of food and goods. We enjoyed some grilled bananas in a brown sugar sauce and got some fresh coconut drinks to go.

Floating Market in Bangkok. Slow Loris eating a banana in Thailand.

Next stop was the Close Umbrella Market. I’ll be honest and say this was a culture-shock moment for me! I am so glad I got the experience to see this marketplace but while walking under the umbrellas in the heat and humidity – there was definitely a smell of raw meats and fish that made me a little nauseous. The most incredible part of seeing this marketplace was that 9-10 times a day, all the vendors must move and cover their goods to let the train pass. We found ourselves wondering why they would choose to set up market on the railroad tracks but the novelty of it was entertaining.

Close Umbrella Market in Bangkok. Close Umbrella Market and Bangkok, Thailand.

After visiting the markets, I got the vote to go for a bike ride around the city. I don’t have many photos of this part of the trip because we were riding bikes on highways, in the slums and even the forest areas. It was hard to capture the experience but it was one of the most memorable for me. For about three hours we explored so many different parts of the city. We even took our bikes on a speed boat to one of the islands and road on 1 meter wide paths that took us through the forest and back alley of homes and temples. It was beautiful.

Day 3

On the third and last day in Bangkok, we visited the most famous temple – The Grand Palace. At most of the temples it is required to cover shoulders and down to your ankles out of respect. We were HOT. The intricate detailing and materials that the temple was built in is awe-inspiring. I loved learning about the history and what the temple means to the Buddhist community.

Wearing at the temple:

Ganni Button Down | Bella Luxx Dress

ROC Sunglasses | The Fifth Sandals from Dailylook

Ganni Purse | Nialaya Necklace

Danni top and The Fifth Label Sandals.

We got to ride Tuk Tuk’s a few times while in Bangkok. They are thrilling! It’s fun to go fast and experience the city on these three-wheelers. They usually only cost $2-4 as well!

Riding a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok. The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. The Fifth Label Sandals from Dailylook. The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Bella Luxx dress at The Grand Palace, Bangkok.

At the end of the last day in Bangkok, we had a special dinner at the Lebua Hotel. Before going to the 65th floor for dinner at the Mezzaluna, we took some photos outside on one of the decks from our happy hour lounge. I love how the balconies of the hotel reflect onto the pointed archway. Talk about a view! It couldn’t have been a more elegant way to photograph this beautiful white Quinn dress during golden hour.

From here we had an insane meal at the Mezzaluna. Each course was paired with a glass of wine. Within each course, I believe we had about three small bites. I was a little jet lagged at this point and all I remember was about 15 dishes and 5 glasses of wine. What a memorable city – I hope I get the chance to visit again.

Wore to dinner:

Quinn Dress | Ganni Purse

Sam Edelman Heels | Da Lish Coral Lipstick

White Quinn dress in Bangkok. The Lebua Hotel in Bangkok. Lebua Hotel - wearing Quinn dress. Ganni quilted chain purse. Quinn dress and Ganni purse. Sam Edelman heels. Quinn dress at the Lebua Hotel in Bangkok.

Photography by Michelle Mosqueda