Bathing Suits for Every Body Type

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Michelle Madsen wearing sunhate and leopard one piece and sea shell jewelry
Michelle Madsen in Mexico wearing leopard headband

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Bathing suit shopping can be overwhelming! There’s so many different styles and when shopping online it’s hard to know how things will fit. It can be hard to tell what will be most flattering or will work for your body type… and let’s be real – we want to look amazing in our swimwear!

Michelel Madsen in Mexico on stripe twoel and two piece | Livy Swimsuit |

There is nothing worse than getting something in the mail and putting it on, to be disappointed on how it looks! I have found some helpful tips on how to find a bathing suit that works best for different body types. I linked a couple of my favorite suits for each body type to give you an idea of what may work! 

Small Chest

The positive side about having smaller chest is that you have a greater ability to find a swimsuit that fits great, regardless of how supportive it is. Look for a swimsuit that emphasizes your curves and low plunging necklines are great as well. 

Straight Bodies

Straight bodies or athletic types need to focus on finding a swimsuit that gives your body a natural curve or hourglass figure. Look for bathing suits that add dimensions that like cut outs, stitching detail and prints that give the effect of an hourglass shape. 


I love high waisted bikinis and this is the perfect solution if you are feeling liked you want to cover some of your midsection. There are so many cute options! Just make sure the high waisted bottoms come up high enough to be flattering. 

Pear Shape

Look for a bathing suit that draws your eyes upward. This can be done by finding a suit with a cute print up top or halter cut. Or maybe something with embellishment up top that will balance out the proportions. 

Large Chest

Support is key! One style that is super cute right now is bra-style tops. The great thing about this look is that you can find ones with more support with thicker straps or underwire. 

Explore your options with bathing suits and you can always try other styles. Just because you are a certain body type does not mean that you have to stick to one style exclusively. I find that I love to wear one piece, high waisted swimsuits and bikinis. It is great to mix it up and more than anything feel confident in your own skin.

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