Best Workout Clothes for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, I feel like I hear so many people making the new year’s resolution to get back into their workout routine (It’s definitely on my list this year). But, as much as I loveeee my pilates machine and my Crubox classes, I can’t say I’m always 100% in the mood to work out (please tell me I’m not alone). I love the feeling after a good workout, though, and staying active is something I’ve found to really impact my quality of life in a positive way. So bring it on, 2018.

One thing that does usually help me stay motivated is having the best workout clothes and equipment I can. I love finding pieces that are high quality but also cute so I feel super comfortable and like myself when I put them on. In case you need new clothes to bribe yourself too (haha), I wanted to put together a mini shopping guide with some of my favorite brands and pieces that are available now so you can start off your year right! Good luck!


Outdoor Voices Crop | Outdoor Voices Leggings 





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