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The Fifth Watches from TAKE AIM by Michelle Madsen

Fall has officially arrived! I spent the weekend in Portland for a friends wedding and enjoyed the chilly weather and charming city. With the season changing, we all get excited for bundling up and shopping for a few new items.  I’ve partnered with Bloglovin’ to curate a shop of timeless pieces that I think are great for investing in this season. When making this capsule collection, I kept in mind pieces that are transitional and ones that I believe I’ll love forever. Check out the shop and see if there’s any items you love… I’ll be added to it over the next couple weeks.

This is an outfit I wore in Portland this last week – love how effortless and cool the LACAUSA items are. Not that it needs to be said but Portland is an amazing city! I really appreciated all the recommendations from Instagram and definitely need to plan another visit soon to explore more.


LACAUSA Jumpsuit | Zady T-shirt | Everlane Sandals

Reiss Purse | LACAUSA Jacket | Fifth Watch

Outfit post TAKE AIM, wearing LACAUSA overalls and Zady t-shirt.

LACAUSA overalls, Zady Shirt, Everlane sandalsLACAUSA Hooded Jacket, Ganni purse Ganni leather purse Zady cotton t-shirt, LACAUSA overallsMichelle Madsen, TAKE AIM style blog.

Photos by Aesthetic Design Co