Blonde Hair Transformation

Last week I made a bold move by transforming by brown hair into blonde! I’ve never been this light all over – the most I’ve done is highlights to the lower half for a balayage. I went to Spoke and Weal where I trust Dell (@dell.miller) exclusively to do my hair. I wanted a change and when he suggested I go blonde, I thought why not?! I was feeling vv spontaneous! He warned me that it would probably take 6-8 hours for the whole process.

Usually going this blonde can take two processes but since I committed to a full day at salon he was able to lighten my hair completely. A week before my color I went in for a cut from Lindsay (@lindsayvictoriahair), also from Spoke and Weal, where she trimmed up my ends and gave me an extra blunt cut. I notice that with the single layer it gives my hair a different movement and texture when I add a curl to it… and I honestly love that it looks like a wig when it’s this blunt!

Blonde Hair Transformation - Take Aim Michelle Madsen from Take Aim wearing striped shirt and blonde short hair

When Dell started my color, he first suggested that we lighten brown underneath to a lighter and ashier shade so that it looked like my roots were naturally a lighter brown then what they originally are. This was important to make it look as natural as possible.

Once the overall lighter brown shade was added, he then went in and added thin blonde highlights over my entire head. I had to sit and let this process on my hair for quite some time with him checking in on the color. Once this color was washed out, my blonde looked very yellow in color. Dell assured me that this was all a part of the process! He then toned the blonde to a less warm, cooler tone of blonde.

Blonde Hair Transformation - Take Aim Michelle Madsen wearing white shirt in desert with blonde short hair

Once the blonde color was where we wanted it to be, he went back in and touched up the roots by lightning some pieces on the top to lift the color and get rid of the appearance on roots. I love how the blonde looks with my shorter hair cut and overall it’s given me a completely different look!

Blonde Hair Transformation - Take Aim Michelle Madsen wearing white shirt in desert with blonde short hair

Since it’s summer, I also wanted to play with some color in my hair! I used a temporary peach by Maria Nila. It is so easy to add and the best part is that it washes out in 4-10 washes. I absolutely loved how the subtle peach to the blonde added warm dimensions to my blonde color without being brassy.  They have so many colors – lavender, peach, pink, red and others to play around with.

What do you guys think of my new hair color? Comment below on your favorite color – blonde, peach or brown?!

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