Bundled In New York

Bundled in Central Park

I’m back from the cold weather in NY and the craziness of fashion week and excited to share a few posts of my trip! First, I have to start by saying it was ridiculously cold. I don’t know how New Yorker’s do it.  These photos were taken in the beautiful Central Park the day before fashion week shows started. I’m so lucky to have Lisa there – she bundled me, guided me and made my trip so much better to hang with a good friend.  Several times throughout the trip we would meet new people and they’d ask how we knew each other and the answer is Instagram! Isn’t it crazy that even good friends are meeting via the internet these days?! I’ll admit it’s kind of scary that our culture is turning more and more to our technology, but also incredibly cool than we have a way to connect to people without distance being an issue.

A couple of things to point out – this blazer is amazing. Amazingly fitted and quality. Animal Behavior is produced locally with sustainable materials and also gives back by donating 5% of their sales to preventing animal endangerment. All of their pieces are beautifully made and the over-all aesthetic of the brand is excellent. I also enjoyed carrying around this cool and unique bucket bag by Medusa. The bottom is made of plastic and I love it contrasted against the tan leather.

Stay tuned for Day 1 and 2 of fashion week… I’ll be posting a little extra this week.







Kooples Fur Jacket Animal Behavior blazer, Medusa bag Puma Sneakers Ready for NYFW Kooples Jacket

Photos by Lisa Dengler