Carefree Basics

When in doubt, I go for some comfy jeans and a simple blouse. This is me in my most comfortable state and it’s always my go-to when I need a hassle-free morning. Stocking up on carefree basics for your wardrobe is one of the most practical ways to save time and energy in the mornings when you need to get out the door – which is most mornings, right?!

One place I’ve found that has really great options and affordable pieces is No Rest for Bridget. They also always have on-trend pieces like these raw hem jeans that I love. They look great with these lace-up sandals that were also a killer price! Sandals always get the most wear and tear so I like to buy a few affordable ones and not worry so much about keeping them in mint condition.

I really appreciate the objective of the store and how No Rest for Bridget caters to on-the-go women that want to look great but not overspend. You can shop online or check out all their store locations here.


No Rest for Bridget Shirt, Jeans and Sandals | Liebeskind Purse

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