Checklist For A Casual Feminine Look

Sometimes with creative things it helps me to put it all together into an organized list. I’m the queen of lists when it comes to my daily schedule, my to-do’s and anything else I have to figure out for the day. I always write them out on paper and highlight and cross things off as I complete them. Something about it feels so rewarding when I get to check things off! Anyone else with me? I’ll even add things to the list that I already did just so I can check them off (ha!)

I’ve never thought to turn my outfits into a checklist too, but there can be a bit of a routine to the way I dress sometimes without even realizing it — it’s kind of a form of a mental checklist. There are, of course, so many ways to put together every kind of outfit, but I thought it would be fun to try to write out some of my mental outfit checklists so you can see a bit of my thought process.

I wore this cute red dress the other day which inspired this checklist for a casual, feminine look. Here’s what I always include:

✔️ mini heels – short heels keep it casual while suggesting that you put effort into your outfit today.

✔️ casual dress – this is definitely the main focus of the outfit, so find a material and pattern/color that says “casual,” and the fact that it’s a dress will add that feminine touch.

✔️ pop of color – this is the perfect place to add some personality and tone to your outfit. I’m really into red lately!

✔️ subtle lips – I like to keep the makeup looking natural for a softer look. A light gloss or just a nude color works perfectly.

✔️ hair down – I pretty much wear my hair down every day with some messy waves (tutorial here!)

✔️ girly bag – since the pop of color was in my dress, I wanted to keep the bag simple, and Chloé is always the perfect brand when I’m going for “girly,” so it was an easy choice.


Reformation Dress | NA-KD Tee | Grey City Heels | Chloé Bag

If you had to make a checklist for your go-to daily outfit, what would you put on it? Comment below!

Casual Feminine Look with Chloe Bag and Grey City Heels Casual Feminine Look with Red Dress and white accessories