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Kristin Orosco (my sister!)

Instagram: @everything.kris

[cursive] sister love [/cursive] [grid col=5]   @valerie_star Galentine's Day

Valerie Estrella 

Instagram: @valerie_star

Website: www.shopstarlow.com

[grid last] [grid first col=5 vertical=center content=center] @ohhcouture Galentine's Day

Leonie Hanne Instagram: @ohhcouture Blog: OhhCouture.com

[grid col=6] paola-blank-itinerary Galentine's Day

Paola Alberdi Instagram: @blankitinerary Blog: blankitinerary.com

  [grid last] [grid first col=5 vertical=center content=center] brittany-xavier Galentine's Day

Brittany Xavier Instagram: @thriftsandthreads Blog: thriftsandthreads.com

  taylr-anne Galentine's Day

Taylr Anne Instagram: @taylranne Blog: taylranne.com

  [grid col=6] [cursive] girl power [/cursive]   jessi-malay Galentine's Day

Jessi Malay Instagram: @jessimalay Blog: MyWhiteT.com

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