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I just got back from my longggg trip to Paris, and the jet lag is real. I'm adjusting back to LA and the amazing sun, and it's a Monday (my fave)! To start off the week, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite outfits I wore in Paris from Sezane. I'm loving the monochromatic trend right now, which is why I just couldn't get enough of this camel look. I decided to feature this camel color, but also loveeee monochrome oranges, white, pink, and taupe.

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I feel like monochrome looks usually feel so sophisticated and elegant, but they're also a really really easy way to put together a look. It's always good to have a few monochromatic pieces in your wardrobe anyways, since solid colors can be mix and matched with anything, but pairing a solid color with another piece in the same solid color is one of my favorite ways to use those basics. I also love to wear monochrome outfits on a day where my outfit inspo is lacking. If I'm rushing out the door and can't think of anything to wear, I can just throw on some camel pants, a camel turtleneck, and a camel jacket and I'm done!

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Sezane Jacket | Sezane Top (similar) | Brixton Hat | Sezane Sneakers 

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1. Basics are best.

Monochromatic outfits are pretty easy to shop for, once you pick a few colors that suit you the most. Then you can focus on getting the basics in all different shades and textures. Once I find pants where I lovveee the fit I try and get multiple colors so I can mix with my monochrome tops. It's also multipurpose to find great basics in neutral colors so you can wear them all the time with statement pieces.

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2. Textures help! 

Texture is important with monochrome looks, because the same fabric from head to toe can look a little flat. Trying out corduroy, silk, and suede with your outerwear is a great way to mix up the look.

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3. Subtle variations are okay 

Slight differences in color is still okay. In this camel outfit in Paris, I loved that my shirt was just barely a slightly different camel tone than the rest of my outfit. And I threw on a black jacket at one point too. Monochrome doesn't have to be a strict rule from head to toe -- just a fun place to start! [grid last] [cursive] monochrome tan [/cursive] [smart id=3]" ["post_title"]=> string(41) "Cheatsheet To The Perfect Monochrome Look" ["post_excerpt"]=> string(105) "I'm loving the monochromatic trend right now, which is why I just couldn't get enough of this camel look." ["post_status"]=> string(7) "publish" ["comment_status"]=> string(4) "open" ["ping_status"]=> string(4) "open" ["post_password"]=> string(0) "" ["post_name"]=> string(41) "cheatsheet-to-the-perfect-monochrome-look" ["to_ping"]=> string(0) "" ["pinged"]=> string(0) "" ["post_modified"]=> string(19) "2018-03-26 15:45:23" ["post_modified_gmt"]=> string(19) "2018-03-26 22:45:23" ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(0) "" ["post_parent"]=> int(0) ["guid"]=> string(26) "http://takeaim.nu/?p=25410" ["menu_order"]=> int(0) ["post_type"]=> string(4) "post" ["post_mime_type"]=> string(0) "" ["comment_count"]=> string(2) "12" ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" } ["mosaic"]=> array(2) { ["size"]=> array(5) { [0]=> string(0) "" [1]=> string(8) "col-lg-5" [2]=> string(8) "col-lg-6" [3]=> string(8) "col-lg-7" [4]=> string(8) "col-lg-8" } ["offset"]=> array(10) { [0]=> string(11) "offset-lg-7" [1]=> string(11) "offset-lg-6" [2]=> string(11) "offset-lg-3" [3]=> string(11) "offset-lg-1" [4]=> string(11) "offset-lg-0" [5]=> string(11) "offset-lg-2" [6]=> string(11) "offset-lg-4" [7]=> string(11) "offset-lg-5" [8]=> string(11) "offset-lg-7" [9]=> string(11) "offset-lg-8" } } ["count"]=> int(4) ["style_length"]=> int(9) }


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