Cheatsheet To The Perfect Monochrome Look

I just got back from my longggg trip to Paris, and the jet lag is real. I’m adjusting back to LA and the amazing sun, and it’s a Monday (my fave)! To start off the week, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite outfits I wore in Paris from Sezane. I’m loving the monochromatic trend right now, which is why I just couldn’t get enough of this camel look. I decided to feature this camel color, but also loveeee monochrome oranges, white, pink, and taupe.

I feel like monochrome looks usually feel so sophisticated and elegant, but they’re also a really really easy way to put together a look. It’s always good to have a few monochromatic pieces in your wardrobe anyways, since solid colors can be mix and matched with anything, but pairing a solid color with another piece in the same solid color is one of my favorite ways to use those basics. I also love to wear monochrome outfits on a day where my outfit inspo is lacking. If I’m rushing out the door and can’t think of anything to wear, I can just throw on some camel pants, a camel turtleneck, and a camel jacket and I’m done!

monochrome love

1. Basics are best.

Monochromatic outfits are pretty easy to shop for, once you pick a few colors that suit you the most. Then you can focus on getting the basics in all different shades and textures. Once I find pants where I lovveee the fit I try and get multiple colors so I can mix with my monochrome tops. It’s also multipurpose to find great basics in neutral colors so you can wear them all the time with statement pieces.

2. Textures help! 

Texture is important with monochrome looks, because the same fabric from head to toe can look a little flat. Trying out corduroy, silk, and suede with your outerwear is a great way to mix up the look.

monochrome pink

3. Subtle variations are okay 

Slight differences in color is still okay. In this camel outfit in Paris, I loved that my shirt was just barely a slightly different camel tone than the rest of my outfit. And I threw on a black jacket at one point too. Monochrome doesn’t have to be a strict rule from head to toe — just a fun place to start!

monochrome tan

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