Christmas Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

I love love love finding gifts for all of my friends and family around Christmas time. There’s so much love in the air (sorry for the cheese, but it’s true!) and the pretty lights and music all around make me so relaxed. But as wonderful as it is, it can also be quite the headache trying to come up with good ideas for everyone. So in case you’re out shopping this month too, here are my picks on what to shop for your ladies, your men, your in-laws, some under $50 gifts, and things you better snag for yourself! Scroll down and click on the right and left arrows to view more products!


For the ladies in your life – If you’re a lady too, this is probably the easiest category when it comes to Christmas shopping. It’s usually safe to buy your ladies cute clothes and accessories, as long as you check on the return policy and make sure to include a gift receipt in case they want to trade sizes! Another really fun gift option is any kind of subscription or box, like this Byrdie Holiday Beauty Box.

2. MEN
For the men in your life – It can be pretty hard to shop for men sometimes, but you’re usually safe with shoes and accessories. I also love the Commodity Goods Gift Set if your guy appreciates great design and nice cologne!


For the people that seem to already have everything they need– Perhaps the biggest Christmas shopping challenge is buying for parents. Your best bet is to stick to timeless items that they can add to their collection, like soaps, candles and home decor.

4. UNDER $50

Cheaper gifts for the budget-savvy – There are a lot of great options out there for cheaper gifts, so don’t feel like you have to bust your budget on every single gift. Here are some ideas for under $50.


Items you might have to snag for yourself – Let’s all admit it: you can’t go Christmas shopping without a couple snags for yourself. Here are a few things that will be hard to resist!