Chunky Sneakers For Every Budget

Chunky sneakers are everywhere this season, and I decided to join in on the trend. This is a very specific look, and definitely becomes the statement piece of an outfit. These oversized “dad” shoes have their own set of rules, and can really be worn with anything from jeans and a tee to flowy dresses. My first pair were the Prada sneakers, that look super futuristic and are now my go-to travel shoes. The next ones I had my eye on were the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, which has a whole fandom itself. As much as I wanted these, one only needs sooooo many chunky sneakers for a trend that won’t last forever. After a little bit of research and online scavenging, I found some amaze alternatives! The ASH Addict sneakers are way more budget friendly, and look almost exactly like the Balenciago pair. They’re also called “orthopedic” sneakers, so your feet will be in tip top shape ;) After finding the ASH sneakers, I was curious about other budget friendly pairs, so I put them all together for you guys to check out <3

Michelle Madsen wearing Prada sneaker
Michelletakeaim in Los Angeles with Chloe Bag

sneaker girl 

Michelletakeaim wearing Prada Cloudbust

$400 + 

$100 – $399

Under $100

chunky sneaker looks

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