Clean Program

A month ago I started a journey with The Clean Program and it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I’ve had. Throughout the cleanse many people asked me why I was doing it. The answer is that I want to be the best version of myself.  I’m always looking for ways to be healthier mentally and physically – surprisingly, the Clean Program helped with both.

Before I jump into the benefits I received from my cleanse, let me tell you a little bit about how it works:

I love the simplicity of The Clean Program – two shakes a day with a ‘clean’ meal in between. With each shake and meal you take supplements and probiotics to assist your body in the detox process. It’s totally OK to snack in between if needed as long as you’re eating approved snacks. It’s also important to leave a 12-hour window between the nighttime shake and the following morning to allow your digestive system to take a break.

The Clean Program helped me mentally? Yes. I think I can speak for many by affirming that food has a huge impact on us beyond the nutrition that we get from it. Have you ever noticed the cravings that come during times of stress, sadness or boredom? I hate the feeling of wanting food when I’m not hungry.  It’s usually the least healthy foods that I crave in those moments and the desire to eat when I’m not even hungry doesn’t sit well with me. The philosophy behind the Clean Program is that we should challenge ourselves in those times and not use snacking as a way to numb those uncomfortable feelings. Instead we should face them and allow mental healing while doing what’s also best for us physically.

Not only did I learn a lot about myself during this 3-week cleanse, I also overcame some of my bad habits. Previous to my cleanse, I was heavily addicted to caffeine. If I didn’t have coffee within the first couple hours of waking up I was guaranteed to get a headache. I also was very used to eating carbs as snacks throughout my busy days just because it was easier to stay full and not have to prep my food. The cleanse really challenged me to snack on better things like vegetables, hummus, fruit and healthy fats like avocados and raw nuts.

The first ten days of the cleanse were pretty difficult. I suggest planning your schedule to take extra time off during your cleanse week. Not only was I dealing with headaches and minor stomach aches, I also needed extra sleep! Sometimes I would sleep 12 hours and still wake up feeling I could have slept longer. It’s good to give your body a break during this time and decrease on exercise and relax more. This allows your body to focus on the detox.

On day 10 I had flu-like symptoms and felt a little hungover all day. The GOOD NEWS is that from days 11-21 I felt more energy and positivity than I ever have! No afternoon tiredness, no headaches, no stomach aches. I didn’t need coffee and felt my mind was so focused.

I couldn’t recommend this cleanse more – it’s a total game-changer and so good for your body. The staff at Clean Program are also so helpful and invested in your success. They supported me throughout my entire experience and they offer coaching and encouragement to everyone along the way.

Some more photos and tips below – and some exciting new! Keep reading!

Easy guide to The Clean Program

Some of my favorite foods and drinks during my cleanse:

Kombucha – takes the edge off when you’re feeling snacky or tired

Homemade Brown Rice Chips and Hummus

Raw Nuts, Dried Fruit without Sugar Added, Avocados

Brown Rice Cakes and Almond butter

My favorite ingredients for shakes:

Frozen Berries

Flaxseed, Cacao Nibs, Stevia

Vanilla Extract and Almond Butter

Smoothie ingredients The Clean Program supplements and probiotics. Flaxseed, cacao nibs and Yerba Mate for a successful cleanse

Helpful During Hard Times:

Clean Program Integrity – helps with bloating or digestive issues

Natural Calm – eased my headaches and helped with digestion

Clean Program Book – helps with understanding the importance and value of the cleanse

Clean Program Eats – amazing recipes that I looked forward to eating

Clean Program Integrity and Natural Calm helpful for a cleanse

I’m very excited to be hosting a giveaway on my instagram tonight so someone can win a 3-week cleanse for themselves! Jump on my page this evening to enter to win!

Please feel free to contact me or Clean Program directly if you’re considering taking the cleanse – we both would love to offer guidance and encouragement!

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