Why You Should Consider Ugg Boots For This Fall

A lot of the brands I’ve been talking about lately are new, up and coming small brands with really cool concepts. I get really passionate about those brands because I love that they are bravely taking aim and doing a great job, but there is something to be said about well-known brands with a history of great products, and UGG is one of those. Here’s why you should consider UGG boots for this fall:

It's Officially Boot Season, UGGs

1. Their new collection is pretty much perfect: UGG has a lot of cute new designs out right now. I especially love the UGG boots with the exposed ankle, and they still have the shearling inside, so they’re super comfy! I love that they’re a mix of really unique shape but still the pretty, classic boot that you can wear all the time.

White Top, Jeans, UGG

Messy Bun, Black ALC Bag2. They have quality products: All of those years of experience mean UGG boots are really high quality! They have high standards for their materials and production process so that you get the best boots you can get. They even have water-resistant suede (perfect for those of you who actually get snow in the winter…). Especially when it comes to shoes, I really like knowing that whatever I buy will last a long time.

Jeans, Black Buckle, Exposed Ankle UGG Boots

3. They’re super transparent: UGG is really careful about where they get their leather from (they only source from sheep farmers that are raising sheep for food and follow their strict ethical standards), and anything you want to know is listed openly on their website. I really appreciate it when companies believe so much in what they do that they can be completely open about their process.

Minimal Fall Outfit

Round, Feminine Sunglasses, White Top, Gray Sweater4. They’re cute, and they’re warm! Need I say more?


UGG BootsVince Sweater (similar) | Zady Shirt | Paige Jeans

Garrett Leight Sunglasses | Colourpop “Mama” Matte Lipstick


v classic, v cute! UGG boots