Cozy Orange

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I’m one of those people that works out more when I enjoy the clothes I work out in.  There’s something about putting on some nice, quality spandex that gives you the boost of confidence you need for a good session of cardio!

One of the most comfortable pairs of workout pants I’ve come across is by Cozy Orange.  The tops and sports bras are great but I am especially drawn to the pants.  The side seams are finished with scrunchy fabric that stretches perfectly and the material hugs in all the right ways.

I have an awesome gym membership at the Equinox downtown, I have great workout clothes from Cozy Orange, I’m so motivated… but so busy this week.  Juggling two jobs has been challenging but both are very exciting at the same time.  I am going to commit to a nice gym schedule in about two more weeks… can’t wait!