Crop Tops And Oversize Shirts

I’ve been wearing the crop tops and oversize shirts looks a lot this month. I’ve found the double layered thing to be a really easy way to make a comfortable, simple outfit a little more interesting, especially if you can’t find a statement top that you love. A few places I’ve found to be great for oversized shirts are Storets, Zara and Everlane, or sometimes you can find a shirt + crop top set that are sold together (like this one here!)

Typically I’ll do a light, striped shirt with a darker crop top over it, and my favorite color combo has been blue and navy blue. I’ve been pairing the look with jeans or a pencil skirt depending on if I want to feel casual or dressed up! I always love a good new versatile option, so I think this is officially one of my go-to’s.

What do you guys think?

London Crop Tops and Oversize Shirts
Crop Top and Oversize Shirt in Italy