Crop Flare Jeans

Crop flare jeans, Mother Denim, Madewell sweater

One of my current favorite trends are crop flare jeans. Showing off a little ankle adds some fun to an outfit while also being really flattering. They pair really well with oxford shoes or heels. This funnel knit and oxford shoes were some great finds I got from Madewell this fall.

Over the past few weeks I have been realizing the importance of good friendships. Not just the “grab coffee” friends or “comment on your instagram” friends, but those you can go to when you’re feeling a little empty and lost. Because I’m married, it’s easy to go to Tyler for most of my moments of need, but recently a few good friends were really there for me. They were the words of advice I needed to hear, and the quiet supports that allowed me to get out what I needed to say. It surprised me almost to the point of tears because I’ve taught myself not to rely too much on people out of fear of being disappointed or a fear of appearing needy. But without even asking, some of my girls just jumped right in to be there for me.

A lot of us have strong feelings about technology and social media, and how it’s changing us. It’s true that many have lost the interaction and depth of relationship they used to have. Frankly, this era has lowered our expectations of friendships and has made some of us lazy friends. But, on the flip side, it’s worth pointing out that some of my closest girlfriends are people I met over the last three years on Instagram.

Maybe the moral of this story is that where or how we meet our friends isn’t as important as being open to talking about the hard parts of life with them, and being willing to reciprocate when we notice they are struggling too. Speaking from my experience recently: this was exactly what I needed. I think the saying goes something like… “If you want a friend, be a friend.” I’ve really just been reminded of the importance of real friendship and wanted to share with you guys.


Madewell Sweater | Mother Jeans | Madewell Shoes | Coach Purse | Larsson & Jennings Watch

Madewell camel colored knit, Coach crossbody bag
Shiny oxford shoes, crop jeans, camel knit
Mother Crop flare jeans, Madewell silver oxford shoes
Best winter knit, classic watch
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