Where To Shop Dainty Gold Jewelry

It would be a rare find to see me wearing any kind of jewelry other than dainty gold jewelry. I’ve always loved the classic, chic looks of a few, thin gold rings, layers of tiny earrings and a necklace or two with some kind of cute (gold) charm. Since it’s such a staple look for me, I’ve settled on a few favorite brands for all of my jewelry: J.Hannah, Vrai & Oro, and Ariel Gordon Jewelry.

J.Hannah is actually a friend of mine, and her jewelry is vvvv cool. She’s amazing at minimal design with a little bit of an edge. My favorites of hers are the Fine Necklace, the Demi Signet Ring, Form Hoop Earrings and the Mid Ear Cuff.

Vrai & Oro sells almost all of their pieces in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. I always go for yellow gold, but it’s a good one for all the rose gold fans I know are out there! They have some beautiful diamond pieces as well and everything is pretty affordable. My favorite pieces of theirs are the Round Black Diamond Stackers, Solitaire Diamond Bracelet, and the Tiny White Diamond Studs.

Ariel Gordon Jewelry is a bit pricier. I actually did a full post on them a while back because I’ve worn their pieces for a long time. They have a lot of good options for statement pieces as well, but I especially love their tiny rings and earrings. My favorite pieces of theirs are the Mini Diamond Horizon Studs, Champagne Necklace, Diamond Horizon Ring, and the Paper Thin Rings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 3.49.57 PMFINE necklace from J Hannah

Jess Hannah Jewelry

J.Hannah Jewelry
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Dainty Jewelry from Vrai and Oro
Dainty Jewelry Vrai & Oro
Dainty Jewelry
Ariel Gordon Jewelry
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Ariel Gordon Rings