Denim And Laceups

Lace-up sandals with some boyish denim… the pairing of feminine and masculine is always a win for me.

On an entirely different subject – as summer is creeping in on us, I have been working on getting in shape. I signed up for Classpass to try out a few trendy workout spots in downtown and kind of fell in love with Reformers Pilates. I had no idea what I was missing! It’s such a targeted workout and perfect for women since we tend to focus on thighs, butt, abs and arms. I still love Hot Yoga but Pilates is kind of my jam right now.

If you don’t know about Classpass – it’s a cool way to have unlimited workout options during the month and not be pinned down to one studio’s membership. If you like routine, this possibly isn’t the best option for you – but if you like to mix it up or are wanting to try new workouts to see what fits, it’s kind of amazing. I’m giving it a 1-2 month trial and really enjoying it.


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